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      I. Organization


      II. Profile

      Established in 1994, China Trademark Association (CTA) is a national-level organization founded by some well-known domestic enterprises upon approval by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and is under the direct leadership of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC). The purpose of CTA is serving trademark strategy and promoting national brands.The main missions of CTA are as follows: raise the social awareness of trademarks by publicizing and implementing trademark laws and regulations, upgrade the level of use, protection and management of trademarks by guiding and assisting member enterprises in implementing trademark strategies, provide legal advisory services to member enterprises, hold academic activities, carry out researching studies in respect of trademarks and brands, make suggestions to government authorities, conduct international communication and cooperation in the field of trademarks, publish and distribute professional documents and publications, etc. There are two types of CTA members, namely corporate members and individual members.The corporate members are enterprises with strong economic strength and high trademark reputation, and trademark agencies and relevant organizations. The individual members are experts, scholars and legal practitioners with academic accomplishments and rich experiences.

      III. Membership and Services

      3.1 Membership Criteria

      3.1.1 Endorsement of the Association Charter

      3.1.2 Willingness to join the Association

      3.1.3 Possession of proper influence in the Association’s business area

      3.2 Membership Application Process

      3.2.1 Submission of admission application

      3.2.2 After reviewed by the Secretariat, Secretary General proposes to the President of CTA. Upon approval and reporting to the Executive Council, membership is granted

      3.2.3 Issuance of Membership Certificate and Plate by the Secretariat

      3.3 Member Rights

      3.3.1 Rights to vote, to elect and to be elected

      3.3.2 Rights to participate in CTA activities

      3.3.3 Rights to receive services provided by CTA with preferential or priority treatment

      3.3.4 Rights to propose legislative and administrative suggestions and opinions to competent authorities via CTA

      3.3.5 Rights to make criticizing comments and suggestions, and rights to supervise

      3.3.6 Rights to withdraw

      3.4 Members’ Obligations

      3.4.1 Carry out CTA decisions

      3.4.2 Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of CTA

      3.4.3 Complete the work assigned by CTA

      3.4.4 Pay Membership fees according to CTA Charter

      3.4.5 Participate in CTA activities, respond to requests and opinions on trademark issues, and provide required documents

      3.5 Major Services for Members

      3.5.1Provide copies of China Trademark Yearbook, China Trademark Journal and Member’s Newsletter free of charge 

      3.5.2 Post Protection Statements on Member Enterprises’ Trademarks on CTA official website and China Trademark Journal free of charge 

      3.5.3 Attend CTA trademark training courses, lectures and seminars free of charge 

      3.5.4 Provide legal advice to members free of charge. One of the subsidiaries, Zhongqi Trademark Verification Center provides Experts’ Opinions with preferential treatment  

      3.5.5 Assist in resolving trademark registration disputes upon request of members 

      3.5.6 Assist in cracking down on counterfeiting acts and safeguarding trademark rights upon request of member enterprises 

      3.5.7 Provide Recommendation Letters for trademark attorneys to courts upon request of CTA’s Agent Branch members 

      3.5.8 Participate in China Trademark Festival with preferential treatment 

      3.5.9 Priority for vice president members, Executive Council members and Council members in participating in domestic and  foreign exchanges 

      IV. Zhongqi Trademark Verification Center

      Approved by SAIC, the Center was registered as an independent legal entity under CTA on April 18th, 2003. It was also registered with Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice, and designated by Supreme People's Court and Beijing High People's Court as one of the professional judicial verification institutions for trademark cases. The main businesses are as follows: Upon request of judicial authorities, conduct verification activities and provide verification opinions on trademark professional issues, and upon request of interested parties, produce Experts’ Opinions or give advice on intellectual property rights. The clients include judicial authorities at all levels, trademark enforcement organs, domestic and foreign enterprises and individuals as well as organizations concerned.

      V. Zhongqi Trademark Development Center 

      Approved by SAIC, the Center was registered as an independent legal entity under CTA on March 2nd, 2004. The main businesses are as follows: appraise trademark value, conduct legal advisory services,design, produce, release and agent domestic and foreign advertisement, organize symposiums and training courses both home and abroad, host exhibitions and trade fairs, provide intermediary services for trademark transactions, trademark advisory services and information distribution, develop trademark-related technology, design trademark representations and develop computer software, etc.

      VI. China Trademark Journal Press

      Subordinated to CTA, China Trademark Journal Press used to be known as the editorial department of China Trademark Journal. It was approved by SAIC to change its name and the legal status to an independent legal entity on May 23rd, 2002. The divisions include the Editorial Department of China Trademark Journal, the Editorial Department of China Trademark Yearbook, Advertising Section, and Distribution Section. The Journal’s Publications are China Trademark Journal (monthly), and China Trademark Yearbook.

      Membership Application Form China Trademark Association

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